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Pathway to Freedom

Three One-Year Curriculums for Tutwiler, the Tutwiler Annex and Montgomery Women’s Facility

1. Here are the 11 different courses (one course runs two consecutive quarters) that have been used when we used a one year program:


a. 1st Year (2012-2013).

Quarter One: R12 Living on the Edge

Quarter Two: Heart of the Problem

Quarter Three: The Peace Maker

Quarter Four: Experiencing God


b. 2nd Year (2014)

Quarter One: Seven Areas of Life Training (Modules 1-4)

Quarter Two: Seven Areas of Life Training (Modules 5-7)

Quarter Three: Experiencing God

Quarter Four: Live a Praying Life


c. 3rd Year (2015)

Quarter One: Who Is Jesus?

Quarter Two: Ephesian Benchmarks: Sit-Walk-Stand

Quarter Three: Breaking Free

Quarter Four: Purpose Driven Life

2.  Now that we are only enrolling for one course at a time, all three facilities are doing a study over 25 weeks entitled, "Building Christian Basics."  

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